faecal sludge treatment plant, Devanahalli


Our Method

Based on the need and interest of the town for setting up of appropriate faecal sludge treatment facility for safe disposal and resource recovery options several meetings were held among the project stakeholders – political leaders, community leaders, government, organizations working in Devanahalli linked to sanitation, and farmers to discuss and plan for the Project. The key stakeholders for the Project were Devanahalli Town Municipal Council (DTMC), Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society and Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA). Currently we have constructed an 6000 lpday capacity FSTP plant which has been operational since November 2015.


FSM policy guidelines developed along with frameworks and tools to assist ULB’s in its implementation


An integrated approach where in solid waste from town is mixed with dried sludge to provide value added end products for farmers

Households survey

Comprehensive household level survey done for 6400 households

Community participation and Behavioral change

  • Video shows: 7; 195 participants; 390 people reached
  • Group discussions: 5; 132 participants; 528 people reached
  • Mason trainings: 1; 12 participants; 48 people reached
  • Households without toilets visited: 132; 660 people reached

About Devanahalli

Sanitation Facts

Problem Statement

FSTP Key Facts