About CDD Society

93% of India’s sewage finds its way to ponds, lakes and rivers – untreated and dangerous. This sewage is the leading polluter of our water sources and is causing grave damage to the environment as well as public health. However, we have more pressing problems, such as access to toilets itself, which the Government is trying to tackle through initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Mission. Though well-intentioned, these initiatives are limited in scope and impact as their focus starts and ends with providing toilets to the 48% of Indians who don’t have one.

Building enough toilets alone will not solve India’s sanitation woes. Toilets bring with them a larger set of problems – one of which is getting people to use them. The biggest challenge lies in providing post-toilet infrastructure i.e. containment, transportation and treatment of sewage.

This is the area that CDD Society focuses on - providing post-toilet infrastructure that is robust, effective, decentralised, and affordable - to enable mass implementation across India. We do so by adopting an integrated and holistic approach appropriate to the local context. In doing so, we believe, we are fortifying the efforts of the Government (and other organisations) to ensure these efforts do not go down the toilet.

Our team of technical experts has provided solutions across the spectrum - from single households and apartment complexes to rejuvenation plans for water bodies (rivers, lakes, nullahs) and even sanitation plans for mid to large-sized cities. In a bid to have more and more people implement decentralised solutions, we dedicate considerable resources and efforts to trainings, especially designed for practitioners and decision makers. We have even enabled the setup of a unified platform for wastewater and desludging operators to help get the services they provide much-needed awareness and recognition.

Through these collective efforts, we are doing our best to ensure 100% sanitation for all.

Our Mission


Our vision is to improve the health and hygiene situation through safe disposal and reuse of human excreta by promoting environmentally and economically sustainable systems for end-to-end management of faecal sludge!

Creating a society free of untreated faecal sludge is our driving force by eliminating the contact between natural habitats and untreated faecal sludge at all levels possible. We are focused towards a complete solution while dealing with effluent from household and communal toilets, to produce treated faecal sludge that is safe and useful for the society. Using a sustainable and integrated approach we aim to reward the country with an efficient sanitation system.