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Many in the audience expressed concerns about the roundabout, questioning whether this was the best way to handle additional traffic, bikes and people expected to traverse the intersection. They asked if officials had considered that this route becomes a cut through when Interstate 94 is backed up or other adjacent roads are clogged with traffic.Residents repeatedly reminded officials that on home football Saturdays in Ann Arbor, there are 100,000 more people in town, many of whom don’t know how to drive through a roundabout.circles are not created equal, said Mark McCulloch, an engineer for the Washtenaw County Road Commission, who is in charge of the project.Mark McCulloch, the project engineer for the new proposed roundabout in Pittsfield Township.Because this roundabout will be located near the Pittsfield Township Senior Center, several people in the audience said they hoped the Road Commission would provide seniors with training and a video so they could learn how to drive around it. Several asked if Road Commission officials would drive them through the roundabout so they be more comfortable navigating it.More information about the history and safety features of roundabouts can be found here.Additional information about how to navigate roundabouts can be found here.McCulloch, who has worked on roundabouts for the Road Commission for the last five years, said that once people get used to roundabouts, they often end up liking them.been told roundabouts are like the Yankees.

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