While not villainous, he is cynical, negative, and hates,

“Devil Without a Trope”: The Alcoholic: RL example: He showed up drunk to record his guest appearance on Insane Clown Posse’s Carnival of Carnage, “Is That You?” He then rerecorded his vocals and scratching the next day when he was sober. Artifact Title: “Kid” Rock has been an adult for a very long time now. More so now that he’s a grandfather. As the Good Book Says.: In “Lonely Road of Faith”, during the bridge, Kid Rock says a verse that is similar to Psalm 23:4: “Though I walk in the valley of darkness / I am not afraid / ‘Cause I know I’m not alone.” Furthermore, Kid is an ordained minister. Auto Tune: Very blatantly on “Only God Knows Why”. Audience Participation Song: All of Joe C’s lines, since his death. Badass Boast: “I’m goin’ platinum sellin’ rhymes/I went platinum seven times.”, from “American Bad Ass,” and referring to the sales of his previous breakthrough album, Devil Without a Cause. He was referring to the previous album’s sales at the time, but it would eventually sell past the 10 million mark. After Al Qaeda bombed the USS Cole in Aden, the sailors played “American Badass” over the ship’s loudspeakers as they left the port. Bowdlerise: Lampshaded on “Cowboy”:”Curse like a sailor/Drink like a mick/My only words of wisdom are/RADIO EDIT>”

Replica Hermes Handbags Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: He decided not to include Bionicle: Mask of Light in his ranking for the Search for the Worst due to finding it not as bad as he expected it to be, and because it wasn’t technically part of the IMDB bottom 100. Also applies to a few other films not part of the bottom 100 but still included in the search, such as The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure and The Last Airbender. Sensory Abuse: He likes to randomly jack up the volume and speed up or slow down things at complete random. Spiritual Antithesis: In his “I HATE TUMBLR” video, he contrasts the misguided desire for social reform of tumblr to the audacious irreverence of 4Chan, and admires the latter for its starkness. Springtime for Hitler: The purpose of IHE’s “I Hate Damn Daniel” video was to explain why “Damn Daniel” and memes in general aren’t funny to him in the slightest. But thanks to “DURR PLANT”, said video ends up creating a new meme instead, much to his chagrin. Stock Scream: Uses the “Howie Long” scream whenever he’s particularly upset by something. Suddenly SHOUTING!: During the post credits scene of Shark Exorcist:Alex: “After the credits play, there’s this scene in an aquarium. where nothing happens. And also the weirdest fucking shit you’ve ever seen. And this shit right here. It takes great strengths to put him over the top (most notably, Shark Exorcist). Take That!: A lot of his “I HATE” videos are these click https://www.replicabirkins.com, especially when directed towards subjects with large followings, such as Five Nights at Freddy’s and Sonic the Hedgehog. Thin Chin of Sin: Invoked. His avatar is an angry man with a pointy chin. While not villainous, he is cynical, negative, and hates, well, almost everything. Title Drop: Mentioned above, but he actually doesn’t hate everything, but his topics and subjects vary from a certain fandom to an entire website, so the word ‘everything’ is metaphorical than anything. But in his ‘5 EPIC Ways To Be a YouTube Celebrity! video, he does drop his YouTube name literally. “Fucking majestic. What a message. What a statement. I really do fucking hate everything.” Replica Hermes Handbags

Replica Hermes Bags Be Careful What You Wish For / Create Your Own Villain: He opposed Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino’s attempts to get clean of their addiction to evil until they gave in and joined him to create SCUM, a group fully intent on destroying Ring of Honor and remaking it into their image ala Christopher Daniels’ former Prophecy stable. This decision would come back to bite Steen, as around the same time as he got second thoughts and began to love ROH again without Jim Cornette around (his issues with Cornette were what caused him to hate the company in the first place), Corino turned SCUM into a full on army of evil Replica Hermes Bags.