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J un caract tremp j rire, j m profit je peux un vrai petit ange comme un vrai d C simple j le sang chaud, comme la plupart des Italiens! Je vous laisse imaginez! ^^ Je ne suis pas une forte t loin de l Les et moi sa fait 2. En faite dans une m pas vraiment, pourtant j les gens, mais cet univers ne me plais pas. Il y en a 2 vraiment, dans l cela donne: La Formule 1 et la MotoGP.

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They talk, about everything and nothing. But almost nobody had heard of Tolleson until early 2005, in part because it was his first full season on the road. In March of last year, he finished seventh at the notorious Copperopolis road race in California, joining (and getting dropped by) a break that included Dave Zabriskie; he had no teammates, and carried water bottles in his jersey pockets.

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“He really loves everything that Coach London and everybody’s done for him,” Scott said. “I told him, ‘Eli, all you can do is just look at them and just ask them. Be comfortable giving those uncomfortable conversations because you know what this place has meant to you.

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